Finally, a student who has crossed over a big milestone threshold in my opinion, and will actually let me talk about them! In the past, I have helped two people get accepted into hedge funds, and helped another student not only in learning about trading but helped them apply AI concepts to make millions in the market. However great these feats for me have been, I cannot disclose who they are. Finally, I have someone who is willing to allow me to talk about them, and I am very pleased to be able to. There is one thing in life that I love the most and that is seeing other people succeed at their goals. There is no greater feeling.

Let me introduce you to Mindful Trades. Mindful is an MD Psychiatrist, who has a very true love for trading. He is very dedicated, thoughtful, and an all-around great person. Unlike the many fakers in this industry who claim to make millions or any kind of money in the market, but don’t show ALL their trades publicly, Mindful Trades is 100% fully transparent showing EVERY trade publicly here, including his losses, not just a questionable screenshot here or there, just like myself and my other top Triforce Training students.


One of the most important things that have contributed to Mindful Trades success thus far, is keeping an open mind. What I mean by this is seeking out knowledge beyond the typical and not being afraid to push oneself. Mindful Trades is one of the many students that come to me from what I like to call the “Penny Stock World.” His symptoms included no quantifiable edge, over-trading, the belief in discretionary trading, and all-around sense of being distraught. This is typical of the people that come from penny stock land, as what most people teach is vague, non-consistent, and has no edge. I met and started teaching mindful back in September 2016 and you can see the difference. Why? Because he now deals in probabilities and not his gut. It is that simple.


Outside of keeping an open mind, Mindful Trades also learned to disengage from the hype. The hype of news, the hype of story, the hype of giving every little tick meaning. Remember that 90% of traders lose and you don’t have to trade every day…I know those of you with small accounts are thinking that in order to make millions of dollars it’s going to take TONS of $20, $50 and $100 gains, but that’s wrong — the biggest trades that will grow your account exponentially come seldom. 


I know you all were waiting for this to come out. It is something that I endlessly talk about and you may find it obvious, but I cannot tell you how many students I get who believe they actually know something and yet fall to pieces when you ask them, “what is your edge?” This was the very same question that I posed to Mindful and many others during our Triforce Training. This question changed how Mindful takes his trades as well as thinks about his trading. This is evident in his equity curve. The massive shift, from pure discretionary trading to a hybrid blend of Quantitative analysis and discretionary trading has made all the difference. For those of you who are new, simply don’t ask the question, “what is buying the dip, or red to green, or a breakout,” but ask yourself, what are the odds of doing this over and over again? If you don’t know, then don’t trade. Your energy and time are better spent researching and studying than trading.


This leads to challenging your thinking. Mindful never have disregarded what I have had to say or think. Never been inflexible enough not to listen to me and believe that he is right in what he is doing. Mindful has not only kept an open mind but wanted his mind to be challenged. This is the best kind of mindset to have. To be at one with yourself and know that you don’t know everything. Thus, when you admit this fact to yourself, you can then begin to learn from what others have to say. Think outside of the box and understand that there are many ways to succeed in the market but none of them can be without real probabilities.


I always tell my students, right off the bat, you will never be like me. You will actually learn to not become me. You will become something else. You will become you. Until you get to that point in your trading career, in my humble opinion, you will never be able to thrive. It is just as important to learn from someone as it is to take those methods and turn them into your own. However, there is a caveat to this. All the methods that I teach are clear-cut, there is no voodoo behind it as I present probabilities. This is also what I expect from my students as well. They can take some of my methods, apply into their framework, and hence a new trader is born. The reason they can take my methods and model them is that my methods are based on quantifiable data. The advantage of this is anyone can look at it and we can all agree on the same thing. Mindful does not copy my trades except through my Algo Trades, he takes what I show and applies it within himself. This is the true road to success as a trader.

So please give your warm congratulations to my student Mindful Trades for a milestone marker achieved. Here is to many more buddy. Wish him well in the comment section below.

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