Learning To Trade Is Like A Merry-Go-Round: With Six Figure Trader David Gordon

David Gordon the warrior.




David Gordon is someone I wanted to interview because he has been around the Retail Trading Education Block many many times. He has spent over 20k in retail trading education and has a unique insight into the retail trading education space. 

It was vital for me to interview someone like this because I think his story will give new traders a perspective on what to expect when learning to trade from a retail educator. Remember, there are no requirements to sell a trading service, and anyone can do it. 

The problem for the new trader is always which service to buy. Dave has bought a lot of them, so his perspective has more Creedence than most. Enjoy. 


David has to be one of the most well documented retail traders that is not famous. The story of his trading journey is very public, and that includes his losses. He is a true warrior of the market, and every time he fails, he gets right back up on the horse. I think people can learn a lot from him in this sense. Below you will find a video he did with Dux, and many screenshots of his account statements.

Truth in Transparency:

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