Talking With A Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Sunrise Capital

This week I got a chance to sit down with Sunrise Capital. Sunrise is a pioneering asset management firm that is now in its 37th year of alternative investing. Founded in 1980, Sunrise offers a range of compelling macro and tactical investment programs for individual and institutional investors alike. Applying nearly four decades of investing experience to markets around the globe, Sunrise builds investment solutions designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns and significant downside protection in times of market crisis. Whether you are looking to invest in equities, bonds, currencies, commodities or diverse combinations of various asset classes, Sunrise has specific offerings available to fit your needs. In addition, Sunrise is highly skilled at developing customized investment solutions and welcomes conversations with prospective investors regarding the specific investment needs they may have.

I managed to seek in a double interview with Chris Stanton (CIO) and Jason Gerlach(CEO). These gentlemen are not only great minds to talk with but also very down to earth. I choose Sunrise to interview because not only have they been in the business for 37 years but they are also one of the oldest Quant Funds that I know of. There track recorded over this time period has been quit amazing and this kind of consistency through the years can only be achieved through automation.

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“I don’t believe in things such as Fair Value. The market oscillates by liquidity. Therefore the market is just one giant liquidity experiment.”


  • Adapting to environment changes; Sunrise speaks about how that markets have changed and how machine learning is just starting to become an important piece to others but something they have been doing for 3 Decades.
  • Recognizing that you never stop learning, even after 37 years as a firm, Sunrise keeps trying to push the envelope.
  • Sunrise stresses the importance of finding your own way, but all trading is becoming systematized. So learn how to be systematic!!!
  • All trading at some point in time becomes Quantitative in nature and at that point you might as well hand it off to a machine.
  • The market is one giant liquidity machine and therefore price is irrelevant.
  • Plus much more…


Sunrise offers a lot of useful insight into trading and for those of you who are not familiar with Quantitative Trading you can check out my new DVD, Quant Trading 101, to find out more. It is important for me, to reiterate the fact that no good trading comes from random noise!!! A lot of new traders are so stubborn; just learning technical or believe they need to live, breath and die by every tick. Don’t take my word for anything but understand that my core beliefs around trading are very much in line with one of the top tier Hedge Funds in the United States. The simple fact is you must learn to test and prove your theories in the market. You must have a repeatable and testable system to be successful in this game of trading. You must never stop learning. Trading is a numbers game period!!! There are very few amazing discretionary traders but the problem with learning from them is there system comes down to there judgment. You may disagree with me but to get ahead in this game you must settle with yourself that you need to know how to program and test your theories. In my Daily Watch-list and Videos, I show my students what this means. We of course talk about techincals as I cannot force anyone’s hand to trade purely mechanical but overall I find mechanical trading vastly superior, then human intuition. I think this funds track record and consistency is proof of this concept. So take heart in the fact that you know this now, instead of 5 years down the road when you wonder why you cannot get past breakeven. I wish you all luck in your trading adventure but really listen to what Sunrise has to say and the future of trading as we know it. Much love.

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“Reacting to price you can do with some consistency, predictive you can not.”