What Game Do You Want To Play? With Millionaire Option Trader Sang Lucci

Anand Sanghvi, aka “Lucci”, is the founder and head trader at Sanglucci.com. Anand has successfully traded equities and options since 2006. He launched his first hedge fund, Sang Lucci Capital Partners, LP, in 2012.




Founded in 2010, Sanglucci.com has evolved into one of the most respected names in the education of part-time and professional traders.Our courses provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge via access to top industry professionals hand selected for their commitment to transparency and exceptional, sustainable trading. We’ve trained over 1000 traders, many of whom still trade with us everyday in our chat room..

Most importantly, the Sang Lucci community has grown from a few traders speaking via Skype to a robust network with members across the world. We come from all walks of life and levels of success. We’re brought together by the benefits of working with one another: knowledge, mentorship, and camaraderie


Lucci offers useful insight into trading for those who want to become a trader. Lucci’s from hell and back story should lead the listener to believe that trading is hard, and you probably won’t make it.

However, even though everything was upside down for three years, Lucci came out on top with a renewed perspective and a thirst to trade again.

An essential aspect I want the watcher/reader to walk away is understanding self-introspection. Lucci relied on this a lot and took the time even when he felt the whole world was crumbling around him to do this. Self-reflection is a novel idea in this day and age, and for any trader, whether quant or discretionary, is a crucial tool for growing.

Self-reflection lead Sang to pick himself back up again, which eventually lead him to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico eventually became a place where he would build an Homage to his life goals and aspirations.

Life goals as defined as having a fund, living a peaceful life, and helping others, all of which he does through the instrument known as trading. From my point of view this is what we should aspire to in out trading, however, I would prefer to forgo the hardships together. =) 

Truth in Transparency:

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