Talking With The Six Million Dollar Man: Steven Dux

I don’t promise you miracles, but I do offer you transparent, honest and valuable advice that ensures BIG wins for those who put in the work and commit to their success. I write about all this on my Blog, where I share industry insights, advice and trends — and also on my Youtube Channel, where I dive into specific strategies, tactics and case studies. But I also provide an array of Services and Live Events to better help those ready to take action, save valuable time and increase their profits while day trading.

Steven Dux is 25 years old and has verified over 6.5 million dollars in trading profits, through the penny stock market, over the last three years. I wanted to bring Steven on the podcast because I think we share similar ideas about what it takes to become a profitable trader. In this episode, we will dive into Steven’s early life, how he got started, his backbone in trading, what questions he gets asked the most, how he formulates his strategies and many other aspects of his trading.

In the comments section/blog post, there will also be links to prove he has made this amount of money and other videos that show you how different verification sites work, plus some of his account statements.

Above all else, Steven is one of the most transparent traders I know, and a very authentic human being, who has traversed the world and has become an American success story.

A little background about Steven: Steven was born in Chongqing, China, in October of 1994. He has one brother that he loves very much. He has two loving parents, but he would say that he is closer to his mom than his dad.

His mom is a very hard-working lady who raised two boys while having her own business. At the age of 16, Steven came to America to attend his remaining years of High School in Ohio, with a host family, through an exchange program.

When Steven first arrived in America, he could not speak English that well, but eventually got better at it, just by being around other people. He then graduated from High School and went to College, where his study of the markets began.

Lessons Learned:

*What it takes to become a trader
*All trading should have a backbone in quantitative analysis
*Steven stresses the importance of finding your own way.
*How Steven uses volume to trade penny stocks
*Plus much more…


Steven offers useful insight into trading for those who want to become penny stock-day traders. The best part about Steven is that he resembles my approach when he thinks about markets, which is rare to find in the penny stock world. His world is colored by data first, intuition second, and ultimately, that is what makes him successful in the trading world.

I have often said through many podcasts and interviews myself that day trading does not work; however, under certain conditions, my assertion is wrong. Given specific volatility conditions like you find in the penny stock market and more significant stocks, day trading can be a profitable endeavor.

As always, there are no rules on wall street, and anytime you think something is true, there always seem to be outliers among the heard.

Steven is this exception to my viewpoint. The other aspect I love about Steven is how transparent he is in his trading results.  Many self-proclaimed gurus of the financial space say they make a lot of money but can never prove it.

Steven has not only verified his claims third party via and Kinfo, but also has had one of his million-dollar accounts audited by a third-party vendor.

Despite his transparency, when you research Steven, many people claim he is a fraud without really giving evidence. When Steven’s team has responded to these outlandish falsehoods, the person never takes down their content or apologizes.

However, as Steven said to me, “I use to care, but I still have the money in my account, no need to fight ignorance at the end of the day. “

Considering all this, I not only wanted to do this podcast because of Stevens’s success but also to educate all retail traders about third-party verification that most people don’t know about.

Truth in Transparency:

*How and Where To Verify Your Trades:
*3rd Party Verification Kinfo:
*3rd Party Verification
*41k to 292k proof:
*Trading Schools Dot Org Review(This Guy Is Generally Brutal On Services):
*Million Dollar Audited Account Statement:

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