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Written By: Timothy Sykes

Normally I’m not a fan of any advanced technical indicators, but after watching Trading Around Equilibrium twice now (it takes some getting used to/understanding everything since Matt is far more intelligent than you or I…thankfully so, I’ve been saying I’m not that smart for years, but most trading degenerates didn’t believe me and frankly I didn’t have much competition in the penny stock space except from this boy genius and this Jesus wannabe…now we have definitive proof there is more intelligent trader life right here on earth, especially because Matt’s crazy hair is young Einstein-esque so much so that it could be its own indicator and probably will be in the future once Matt, and the world, understands it better!), I can’t help but be curious as to its applications and usefulness and for that I thank Matt for expanding my trading and technical analysis knowledge-base/curiosity.

I guess you can teach an old Jew new tricks!

Will I begin trading options and futures and using Kinjun-sen and Tenken-sen lines on all my charts…no, at least not yet until StocksToTrade can get these new indicators on the charts I’ve just now been getting used to, and hopefully sometimes the penny stock market calms down so I actually have time to breathe and test out some new strategies (I’ve been praying for a bear market for years, c’mon Sodom & Gomorrah-esque wipeout, PLEASE!)

But I am grateful to have learned about this new indicator and to see Matt’s approach to the whole markets and trading…and even more grateful to have such a solid and comprehensive teacher as Matt in his Trading Around Equilibrium guide because just as too many people mistakenly believe it’s easy to short penny stocks with just learning the bare basics, Matt helps students understand that only knowing the basics of Ichimoku Clouds IS NOT THE FOUNDATION OF WEALTH CREATION, you have to use these indicators in conjunction with several other indicators and even then, Matt’s winning percentage is not 90-100%, its in the 60-65% range which is still awesome.

After all, successful trading is all about forming a hypothesis using whatever data you can and judging your hypothesis not just by your resulting profit or loss, but by how your hypothesis played out, how you reacted to the price action and thus the best traders are ALWAYS adjusting in the pursuit of greater accuracy/success in the future.

Listen to me, right? I’m using bigger words, better grammar and I sound smarter after dedicating much of the past few days to watching this awesome new guide, screw just learning about new strategies in the financial market, this damn DVD has made me more eloquent and intelligent too! Matt, was that your trick plan all along? Damn son, you’re even smarter than I thought and I didn’t even realize it until writing this blog post!

I’m kidding…somewhat…but in all seriousness, I love Trading Around Equilibrium because of how comprehensive it is, like my 35-hour How To Make Millions DVD except Matt also expands into niches I don’t touch like futures, macroeconomics and options too…I learned a ton and frankly I’m astonished someone so young as Matt, who doesn’t even drink water (seriously), has acquired so much knowledge in such a short period of time, and I’m going to ask him to make more guides just in case he’s like the main character in this movie, and we only have a few years left to learn everything we can from this phenom.

I’m so proud of Matt for working so hard on this, this guide is right up there with this bestselling guide on which Tim Grittani literally spent hundreds of hours creating…you want to know the true secrets of these self-made millionaires in their 20s, it’s no doubt their amazing work ethic.

So, check out Trading Around Equilibrium, I cannot recommend it highly enough as an educational aid to better understanding the financial markets and some very cool new ethical indicators too.

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